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North Central Province History

North Central Province History:
The “Mighty” North Central Province of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Established in 1920, the North Central Province of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. serves the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Originally established as District 2, it was District 2 for two years, then became Region 2 from 1922 - 1925.  In 1926, it became the Central Province of the Fraternity, then as the Fraternity expanded, it became the North Central Province in 1935.

  1. Harrison R. Duke*, 1920-1922

  2. Thomas Mayo*, 1922-1923

  3. Joseph Snowden*, 1924-1925

  4. William Harrison*, 1926-1927

  5. Clarence Leon Wilson*, 1927-1930

  6. Robert L. Bailey*, 1930-1931

  7. Julius L. Morgan*, 1931-1946

  8. Carl D. Hughes*, 1946-1949

  9. Theodore W. Coggs*, 1949-1950

  10. Julius L. Morgan*, 1950-1953

  11. George C. Lewis*, 1953

  12. Theodore W. Coggs*, 1953-1954

  13. Henry E. Bennett, Sr.*, 1954-1962

  14. Arthur L. Grist, 1962-1965

  15. Floyd V. Campbell*, 1965-1968

  16. Eldridge T. Freeman, Jr.*, 1968-1971

  17. John E. Sullivan, III*, 1971-1973

  18. Floyd V. Campbell*, 1973-1976

  19. Wesley S. Chapman*, 1976-1979

  20. William H. Roach*, 1979-1985

  21. Daniel Dixon, III*, 1985-1990

  22. Myron L. Hardiman, 1990-1995

  23. Larry McKenzie, 1995-1997

  24. Michael C. Hughes, Sr., 1997-2001

  25. Stevenson Nicholson, 2001-2007

  26. Michael J. Owens, 2007-2011

  27. Korlon L. Kilpatrick, II, 2011-2017

  28. Byron C. Thornton, 2017 - Present


*Denotes Chapter Invisible

Italics indicate Polemarch who served more than one non-consecutive time in office.

Scroll of North Central Province Polemarchs


Founders' Day WAC 01 23 2010_edited.jpg

2010 Hosted by Waukegan Alumni Chapter

L-R: Brian Ford, Tony Wilson, Stephen Freeman, Steven Massie, Harral Allen, Morlot Williams, Willie Carter

Founders' day 2011_edited.jpg
2012 Founders' day_edited.jpg

2011 Hosted by Chicago Alumni Chapter

L-R: Al Bailey, Ralph Sprott (Chapter Invisible), Brian Ford, Steven Massie, Bond Thomas

2012 Hosted by Chicago Heights Alumni Chapter

L-R: Harral Allen, Tony Wilson, Al Bailey, Bond Thomas, Fred Fleming

2013 founders' Day_edited.png
2015 Founders' Day_edited.jpg

2013 Hosted by Evergreen Park Alumni Chapter

L-R: Jeff Hughes (Gary Alumni Chapter), Bond Thomas, Harral Allen

2015 Hosted by Gary Alumni Chapter

L-R: Fred Fleming, Al Bailey, Rodney Lamb, Bond Thomas, Harral Allen

2016 founders' Day_edited.jpg

2016 Hosted by Harvey-Markham Alumni Chapter

L-R: Rodney Lamb, Morlot Williams, Fred Fleming, Tony Wilson, Willie Carter, Harral Allen, Bond Thomas

2018 North Central Founders' Day, Hosted by Richton Park Alumni Chapter

2018 Founders' Day1_edited.jpg
2018 Founders' Day2.jpg
2018 Founders' Day4_edited.jpg

L-R: Harral Allen, Harold Greene, Fred Fleming, Morlot Williams, William Peete, Willie Carter, Art Jones

L-R: Harral Allen, Bond Thomas, Morlot Williams, William Peete, Willie Carter, Art Jones

L-R: Harral Allen, Bond Thomas, Morlot Williams, William Peete, Whalen Peete, Art Jones

2019 Metro Founders' Day.jpg

2019 Hosted by Waukegan Alumni Chapter

Standing L-R: Al Bailey, Spencer Ivy, Fred Fleming, Harold Green, Eddie Exum, Tony Wilson,

Seated L-R: Bond Thomas, Harral Allen, William Peete, Morlot Williams, Willie Carter, William Mensie

202 Founders Day_edited_edited.jpg

2020 Hosted by Calumet City-Lansing Alumni Chapter

Standing: Harold Greene

Seated L-R: Fred Fleming, Willie Carter, Carl Belser, Harral Allen, William Mensie, Bond Thomas


2022 Hosted by Chicago Alumni Chapter

Standing L-R: Al Bailey, Golden DeAngelo (St. Paul-Minneapolis Alumni), Herbert King, Seated L-R: Harral Allen, Bond Thomas


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