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What we’re doing

Annual Scholarship Golf Outing – Each year we sponsor a golf outing to raise funds for our Scholarships.


Contact Us

Lake County Kappa Fund
P.O. Box 7931
Gurnee, IL 60031

What we’re doing


Thanksgiving Meals – Each year, we solicit names, from churches and civic organizations, of families who may need some help at Thanksgiving. We provide everything needed for complete family meals, from turkey to cranberry sauce.  We do this for as many families as our budget allows.


Presents during the holidays – Each year, we solicit names, from churches and civic organizations, of families with children who may not experience the joy of receiving gifts during the holiday season.  We provide wrapped gifts to as many families as our budget allows.

Feed those in Need – We donate food to Shiloh Baptist Church of Waukegan in support of their P.A.D.S. program, in which they prepare meals for those without, and provide showers, clothes, and a place to sleep.  We also volunteer our time to serve the food and prepare sleeping areas/quarters.

How you can help

Donation – You can make a monetary donation to the foundation and enjoy the tax benefits of donating to a 501(c)3 organization. Donations may be made from your bank account directly into the Lake County Kappa Fund via the Zellé feature by entering: as the recipient of your generous donation.


Scholarship Golf Outing – You can join us for our annual Golf Outing to raise funds for our scholarships.  You may also make a cash donation, donate prizes, or commit to one of the various levels of sponsorships. Please direct sponsorship inquiries to: Email - or

Twitter - @Wcarter46

Volunteer – You can join us as we volunteer our time in the community. 

Recommend – Let the foundation know of deserving scholarship recipients or families who may need some help.

Purpose of this Foundation

  • To be the benevolence arm of the Waukegan, IL Alumni Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.


  • To be operated for educational and charitable purposes


  • To raise funds in order to provide various forms of charitable contributions and support to our community.


  • To support and collaborate with other non-profit organizations.

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