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In 1973, brothers working in North Chicago Community High School, Waukegan East High School, Zion-Benton Township High School, and the private sector began conversations about the possibility of forming an alumni chapter in the area.  These discussions centered on the number of brothers available to form the chapter.  Additional brothers were found at social gatherings and other events held in the area.  In 1974, it became evident that there were a sufficient number of brothers to create an alumni chapter.


Marvin Arrington, Willie Carter, Amos Jones, Al Patterson, Charles Portis, Robert Whitehead, Jr., Harrison Williams, and Morlot Williams began laying the foundation of making the chapter a reality.  The cities of North Chicago, Waukegan, Zion, and surrounding towns would comprise the chapter.  These brothers began the process of completing the necessary documentation, such as Bylaws and other forms, for creating the chapter.  The documentation was completed and sent to Grand Chapter for approval.


On March 15, 1975, Floyd Campbell, North Central Province Polemarch, presented the approved charter for the Waukegan Alumni Chapter (WAC) to the brothers.  Dr. Elbert E. Allen of Shreveport, Louisiana was the Grand Polemarch at the time the WAC was chartered.

The first chapter officers were:

Polemarch                           Willie Carter
Vice Polemarch                  *Marvin Arrington
Keeper of Records             Robert Whitehead, Jr.
Keeper of Exchequer         Harrison Williams
Strategus                            *Morlot Williams
Lt. Strategus                       Charles Portis
Historian                            *Lawrence Broughton
Reporter                            *Amos Jones

Waukegan Alumni Charter Members and their chapters of initiation are as follows:

  1. Marvin "Monk" Arrington* - Gamma Pi 1965

  2. Jesse Banks - Alpha Chi 1966

  3. Lawrence Broughton* - Epsilon Omicron 1971

  4. Willie Carter - Gamma Upsilon 1967

  5. Fred Connally, Jr. * - Delta Kappa 1954

  6. David V. Curtis* - Iota 1948

  7. Amos Jones* - Beta 1949

  8. James Knox (currently resides in Arkansas) - Beta Upsilon 1960

  9. Michael Moore* - Epsilon Omicron 1971

  10. Alfonso "Al" Patterson (currently resides in Alabama) - Beta Zeta 1958

  11. William Peete - Alpha Theta 1968

  12. Charles Portis (currently resides in Minnesota) - Lincoln University Alumni 1971

  13. Dwain Warren (currently resides in Atlanta) - Gamma Lambda 1963

  14. Robert Whitehead, Jr.* - Delta Zeta 1952

  15. Harrison Williams (currently resides in Diamondhead, MS) - Gamma Pi 1957

  16. Morlot Williams* - Epsilon Eta 1966


*Denotes Chapter Invisible.

Pictured from left to right are:

  1. *Morlot Williams

  2. Harrison Williams

  3. *Robert Whitehead, Jr. (face is mostly blocked)

  4. Floyd V. Campbell (North Central Province Polemarch - Not part of chapter)

  5. Willie Carter

  6. *Amos Jones

  7. *Lawrence Broughton

  8. Charles Portis

  9. *Marvin Arrington

*Denotes Chapter Invisible.

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